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Advancing architecture & design
Public Outreach

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with innovative public outreach,   

DESIGNamite offers inspiring workshops and presentations to professionals for enhancing an understanding and appreciation of architecture and design.

Read provocative articles in national and local media written by the DESIGNamite founder with a focus on architecture, design and community development. 

Enjoy unique products to sharpen creativity and design skills. DESIGNamite products are kid-inspired, architect-designed and educator-approved.

Let's explore architecture, design and local neighborhoods with interesting projects and exciting exercises!  You create unique designs to share with your family and friends.

K-12 Programs 
  • Educational workshops for professionals
  • Public presentations at community events
  • After school enrichment programs and camps
  • Design, drawing and sketching products for K-12 students 
  • Publications to engage the public

K-12 programs & products.